Season 1

EP 1 : Yoshi - The Ho Chi Minh Hustle Story

Yoshi. Expat and  ESL teacher in South Korea

My guest is Yoshi, an animal researcher that now lives in Korea as an English Teacher. He also is heavily engrained in the South Korean B-BOY (breakdancing) scene. Yoshi comedically discusses why he left the U.S. to move to Korea, and then gives an incredible story of his experience with a hustler in Vietnam. 

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 Episode Highlights

  • Escaped Monkeys
  • Airport Nonsense
  • The Hustle Pissed off Gangsters

EP 2 : LOCH The Surfer's Miraculous Story and the Supernatural

Loch. World Traveler and surfer.

Surfer, Business owner, Soccer Player, World Travel...Loch is a man of many trades. My guest describes an experience that left him both physically and emotionally damaged, but through perseverance and tenacity, he was able to return to do what he loves. Surfing and traveling. Also, we begin with a bizarre event Loch and I encountered in Bangkok. With this episode, I hope to inspire those who currently find themselves in a difficult situation.

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 Episode Highlights

  • Loch's Introduction Bangkok's
  • Supernatural Resident An Abroad Nightmare
  • A Miraculous Feat of Strength and Tenacity

EP 3 : Viktoria - Train Troubles... Scary Bizarre Train Troubles

Norway gal. world traveler

In this episode of the travel is real, Viktoria describes a horriific event that occurred in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We laugh about it now, but at the time, it was quite serious and alarming. After that, Viktoria then confesses a startling, bizarre story that takes place on a train from Stollenbosh to cape town. 

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  Episode Highlights 

  • Comedic Elevator Conversation 
  • Un-comedic Mugging 
  • The Sinister Train ride in South Africa

EP 4 : Chris A - The Hilariously Sad Travel Sickness Story

Chris Austin. World traveler and backpacker. trip advisor.

My guest Chris Austin and I banter a bit about our Iranian friend we met in South Africa. We also discuss a few stories about Pang, a cab driver Chris and I befriended. Finally, Chris dives into his tale of the most gut wrenching, dire travel sickness story I have ever heard. It never stops getting worse and worse.

   Episode Highlights 

  • Gangster Pang doin Gangster Thangs 
  • Party in Europe
  • What NOT to do on Train in Eastern Europe 
  • Academic Graduate Assholes 

EP 5 : BA Emma- The Creeptastic Rescue

Scuba diver and BA women. World travel and dive master Emma Seivers.

 Join my friend Emma, as she describes what it is like living on Magnetic Island. A small Island found of the coast of Australia. What she uncovers is an atmosphere of strangeness, only to be described as the real life island of the T.V. show "Lost". Its weird, its bizarre, its tense, its incredible! 

  Episode Highlights 

  • Tips and Tricks for women traveling solo 
  • Scuba Diving n Sharks 
  • The real life horror movie experience 
  • More travel advice 

Episode 6: Bryce- Surviving the Deadly Riptide....and Thieving Monkeys

Bryce Ellifson. ESL teacher and world traveler and backpacker. Riptide survival

My friend Bryce illuminates the listeners and I of his experience on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia. Its filled with excitement, fear, panic, and a group of pissed off monkeys.Episode Highlights:

  • Thieving Monkey Stories
  • A Harrowing Tale of Survival in Cambodia
  • Beach and Travel Tips

EP 7: Mr. Rodriguez-Parasites and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My!

EP 7: Mr. Rodriguez--Parasites and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My!

Chris Rodriguez is a world traveler who spent two years in the Peace Corps. and many more years teaching in English around the globe. In this episode, we discuss the creepy crawlers critters we encountered in various countries. We also touch upon a few local cuisines which retain peculiar health properties.

Episode Highlights

  • Spider Invasion
  • Donating Blood to Leeches 
  • Pinching out Larva
  • Drinking Fire and Eating Balut
  • Peace Corps Advice

EP 8: Broc- Cruisin Vietnam and the Thuoc Lao Experience


My guest in this episode is Broc Gross. A Minnesota man who spent time in South Africa and South Korea. Great guy and an even greater Scuba Diver. Some have even stated he is "The ULTIMATE" Ultimate Frisbee player. Listen to his insane Vietnam Motorcycle road-trip  and Korea story here!

Episode Highlights:

  • Surviving Soju
  • A Risqué Business
  • Cruisin Vietnam
  • The Machete Man
  • Savoring Unsavory Food

EP 9: Tara- Hichhikin Aint Eazy (but it sure is interesting)


In this episode, Tara illuminates us about her experience traveling and hitchhiking in the Southern United States. She then describes some interesting encounters while trying to survive New Orleans as a homeless women. Quite the difference in lifestyle, as now she owns a wildly successful hair salon in her home city. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The Rainbow Festival 
  • Hopping Trains
  • Voodoo Priestess
  • Homeless New Orleans Living
  • A Hitchhiking Adventure

EP 10: Cesar- The Korean Adventure and Bathroom Blunders


Cesar Ortega and I met teaching English as a second language in Korea. Mr. Ortega has spent a significant amount of his 20s living in the USA, South Korea (the nice one, not the naughty one). and Mexico. We discuss cultural differences and some self deprecating drinking and bathroom stories

Episode Highlights:

  • Drinking Culture and Soju Hangovers
  • The Trouble with Squatter Toilets
  • Korean Food! The Good, the Bad, the Unsavory.

EP 11: Elliot - The Drunk, Irresponsible, and Salacious Travels


Warning: Dont judge my guest Elliot and I in this episode. My guest is a Canadian world traveler who I met while working in Korea. We both swap hilarious stories of drunken evening, and travel hook-ups while living and traveling abroad. We aren't as greasy as you may think, I swear. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Halloween Han River Incident
  • Osaka Drinking "Mishap"
  • Getting Robbed with Pants Down...Literally
  • A Deconstruction of Travel Hook-ups

EP 12: Gayla- Dirty Docs and a Sinister Following


My guest Gayla is a recent college grad who worked in multiple hospitals in New Delhi. She was witness to dire situations which were commonplace in the India medical field. Her story of hospital sanitation was laughably unreasonable. She also shares a story of  being stalked by a man with sinister intentions.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Ultrasound Incident
  • New Delhi Hospital: Its a Dirty Job
  • Tainted Mango Pineapple Smoothie
  • Kidnapping and a Cake Shop

EP 13: Luke G- The Kolkata Mafia Story, The Vang Vieng Experience, and the Coconut Cure


Join Luke and I as we discuss the best method of backpacking. Throw out the itinerary and let the good time roll. We reminisce over some wild experiences had in India, Vietnam, and Laos. Also, check out Luke's company.

Episode Highlights

  • The Hangover Cure and Killer Coconuts
  • Vang Vieng: The Dangerously Wild Party
  • The Kolkata Mafia and Police
  • Eating Sweet, Crispy Bugs

EP 14: Paul M- Surviving the Monkey Onslaught, Magic Pee, and the Wondrous Road to Hana


Paul Matarelli is a business owner, professional marketer, and world traveler extraordinaire. In this dramatically wonderful episode, Mr Matarelli illuminates us on what occurs when you cross the wrong path with a pissed of primate. We also learn about Guru G, magic pee, and a harrowing adventure on the road Hana. This episode is jammed packed with travel advice, humor, and inspiration.

Episode Highlights:

  • Prolific Teaching of Guru G
  • The Monkey Assault
  • How to Achieve Magic Pee
  • Trails and Tribulations of Hana, Hawaii

EP 15: Brendan B: The Wild, Wicked Warsaw Flight, The Jiro Experience, and Travel Tips


Brendan Burns is the host of a incredibly insightful, and captivating Podcast called "The Brendan Burns Show". Mr. Burns regales us with a most preposterous story about a flight to Warsaw, Poland. He then illuminates us on how he secured a reservation at Jiro's famous Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo. Its wild!

Check out his Instagram--

Episode Highlights:

  • Travel Tips
  • Importance of Toilet Paper
  • The Trippy City
  • The Wicked Flight to Warsaw
  • The Jiro Sushi Experience 

EP 16: Jamar- The Story of The Thirst.... and To Hostel, or Not to Hostel?


Jamar Black is a friend of mine, world traveler, and creator of his wildly entertaining and educational blog "The Afro Expat. In this episode, Jamar tells a risqué story of why he missed his flight from Spain to the USA. Its both comical, and lascivious! Well done Jamar. We then discuss when or why to stay, or not to stay at hostels whilst backpacking. For more, visit Jamar's website:

Episode Highlights;

  • Difficulties of Dating Abroad
  • The Thirst (explicit warning)
  • The Consequence of a Cambodian Hangover
  • To Hostel, or Not to Hostel?

EP 17: Steph and Brandon- Full Moon Party Fails & Feats, Bum Guns, and We Must Dash!


In this episode, I am with the owners of We Must Dash Adventure Travel. The couple first discuss what spawned the idea of their amazing travel company, and where they have been so far. The three of us then review our experiences at Thailand's Full Moon Party! Its insane! Finally, we educate the listeners on food poisoning and the importance of the "Bum Gun". 

Visit the website below to start your incredible, unforgettable adventure:

Episode Highlights

  • We Must Dash Adventure Travel
  • What the Duck is a Full Moon Party
  • Embarrassing Bathroom Moments
  • The Bum Gun! 

EP 18: Steph and Brandon Part 2- The Psychedelic Island Experience, and Deadly Close Calls


Stephanie and Brandon are back for part two of our interview! We discuss two stories that involve very treacherous  road trips in Laos and Iceland. We then learn of an acid trip gone horribly wrong during an amazing vacation.

Visit the website below to start your incredible, unforgettable adventure: 

Episode Highlights;

  • Near Death Experiences
  • Stealing Cats and Dogs
  • What to expect in the Gili Islands
  • Fear and Loathing in Koh Samui 

EP 19: Tim S- The Hilarious, The Drunk, The Irresponsible Travels.


Tim is a travel connoisseur, a great friend, and one hell of a funny dude. We both spent time living, learning, and maintaining an irresponsible life during our early 20s in South Africa. We discuss some of our embarrassing experiences had while traveling and living abroad. Try not to judge too hard.

Episode Highlights:

  • Eating Balls
  • South Africa Drunktoberfest
  • Mass Drunken Blackout
  • Bathroom Travel Advice
  • Bogus Namibian Border Crossing

EP 20: Aussie Steph- The Catamaran Catastrophe, Australia's Fabled Creature, and Wildlife Tourism


My first Australian on the podcast! Stephanie is an Executive Officer at a prestigious zoo in Sydney, Australia. She enlightens us about bizarre Aussie creatures, followed by a tumultuous boat trip in Indonesia. Finally we discuss how animal trafficking and cruelty found abroad, and the steps one can take if spotted. Follow the link below to become aware of illegitimate animal trafficking.

Episode Highlights:

  • Drop Bears and Bogans
  • The Catamaran Catastrophe
  • Sea Sickness Survivor
  • Animal Tourism Advice

EP 21: Jen Serrat- Work Abroad, Date Abroad, Tinder Abroad


Jen has lived, worked and obtained her Master degree in various countries the past few years. She can't be stopped! In this episode, Jen educates me on the great jobs she worked outside of the U.S., and the not so great jobs. We then discuss the dating scene as an Expat. Jen so graciously details a funny and embarrassing hook-up story she endured in Spain.

Episode Highlights:

  • What the Flock is a Chugger?
  • Au Pair....Oh No.
  • Argentinean Hook-Up Havoc
  • Shaving Cultural Differences
  • Am I Running Away? Maybe?

EP 22: Jon Sarry- The Chaotic Kebnekaise Mountain Hike


Jonathan is a world traveler who I first met in South Korea. Jon then worked in Vietnam for a bit, then bounced to Finland where he currently resides. In this episode, Mr. Sarry regales his treacherous, harrowing, and ill-prepared journey up the Kebnekaise mountain. During his story, we learn the importance of preparation!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jon's Hubris Takes Over
  • We F**ked Up
  •  The Treacherous Hike Up...and Down

EP 23: Nick and Stef- The Long Journey Home


Nick Doran and Stef Russell (AKA Stifneck Dorsell) embarked upon a 15,000 kilometer journey from South Korea, to their home in Ireland. How did they do this? By bicycle! Their bike adventure across China, the Middle East, and Europe was filled with excitement, strife, and a plenty of police encounters! Check out their website to learn, in detail about the the bicycle trek.

Episode Highlights:

  • Comedic Chinese Police Run-ins
  • Ghost Cities
  • Iran Hospitality
  • Border Crossing Confrontation
  • Bizarre, Awkward Bathrooms

EP 24: Rob Greenfield- Discovery's Free Ride Experience, No Money International Travel, and Exotic Food Stories


Rob Greenfield is a international renowned traveler, an environmental activist, and one rad dude. He has mastered traveling around the world with little to no money, literally! The man is a travel budget guru! He also is an incredible ally to the environment who educates, and promotes green initiatives! In this episode, Rob discusses his insane international travel stories which includes Discovery Channel’s Free Ride production, eating exotic foods, and his hitchhiking experience from Panama to California.

Check out his website to learn more about his past and present projects.

Episode Highlights

  • Creative Protein Consumption 
  • Travel on a Budget. Or no Money
  • Panama to The U.S. Adventure
  • Take Risks
  • Discovery's Free Ride Experience
  • Dung Beatles and Chicken Heads

EP 25: Andrew Musick- Muay Thai Kickboxer Experience, Drunk ROK U, and Expat Advice


Andrew Musick joins me on the podcast. He is a skilled Muay Thai Kickboxer, and a veteran Republic of Korea Ultimate Frisbee player who spent nine years living in Asia as an ESL teacher. Musick divulges stories of his international kickboxing experiences, and a humbling matchup. We also discuss drunkin Ultimate Frisbee League ROK-U antics. Andrew and I also give tips and advice on how to survive and thrive as an ESL teacher and expat in South Korea.

Episode Highlights:

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • A Humbling Experience
  • Ultimate Frisbee (ROK U)
  • TILT Toga Party in Pohang
  • Expat and ESL Advice and Tips

EP 26: Jerrica Peterson- ESL Teacher Trials and Tribulations..and Excellent Advice


Jerrica from America joins the podcast. She is a nomadic ESL teacher who retains an incredible sense of adventure and knows how to find the perfect balance of teaching and travel. She has a knack for finding and exploring amazing locations in various countries around the world. During the episode, Jerrica gives great advice and tips for those looking to teach English in South Korea, as well as how to get started as an ESL teacher in a foreign country.

Check out her website for more info!

Episode Highlights:

  • Bathroom Conundrum 
  • First day in S. Korea Nightmare
  • Dreaded First Day of Teaching ESL
  • VIP Kid Experience
  • Teach Abroad 

EP 27: Alex Troitzsch- Journey From Germany to America. How to Live Abroad


Alex Troizsch is a techno DJ, a talented Graphic Designer, and a Suana Spa expert! In this episode, Alex describes in detail, his journey and adventures traveling from his home country of Germany to America, and all the great experiences and opportunities he came across while studying and working as an expat. He gives his uniques perspective as to what it has been like living away from his home country for so long. Alex also educates us as to what he loves about living in the United States.

Episode Highlights:

  • Real Talk, Beer Talk
  • Dropping out of Law School to Become a DJ
  • Living as an Expat
  • A Bizarre Limbo
  • U.S. Patriotism

EP 28: ILU- The Beautiful, Terrifying, Romantic Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp


ILU Narang joins The Travel is Real podcast! She is a digital nomad, an incredible fitness/diet consultant, and woman with a beautiful travel instagram. In this episode, she describes her journey of becoming a digital nomad, followed by a her story of how she trekked up Mt. Everest Base Camp! She details the wild, unhinged journey up the mountain. The adventure was fraught with mental and physical hardships. Also, unique tinder experience which charged ILU to climb further up Everest!

Check out her Travel and Business at:

Episode Highlights:

  • From Corporate to Nomad
  • The Flight from Hell
  • Altitude Sickness on Everest Trek
  • Tinder Saves the Day
  • Hiking Hardships

EP 29: Michaella - From Coal Mining in Vietnam to Rescue Diving in Koh Tao


I have Michaella Lampe on The Travel is Real this week, and what lady she is! Miss Lampe is an incredible world traveler who has amazing scuba diving stories in Koh Tao and South Africa. My guest educates me on the marine conservation efforts of ECO Koh Tao, and how the organiztation seeks to preserve and regrow coral reef. We also discuss what happens when one becomes ill in a boat, or scuba diving underwater. Finally, we learn what it feels like to become "Narked".

For more information on ECO Koh Tao conservation efforts and Dive School, visit their website below

Episode Highlights:

  • World's Most Frightening Bungee
  • A Little Coal Mining Town in Vietnam
  • Koh Tao Rescue Dive
  • Narked!
  • Puking Underwater
  • Marine Conservation

EP 30: Alex T - The Dire Disaster and How to Avoid Food Poisoning


A six inch roast beef sandwich eaten in the Kuala Lampur Airport was the catalyst to the worst day of Alex Terpstra's life. Listen to two stories of how the host of The Travel is Real royally screwed up by eating the wrong food, and what became of him hours later. Its embarrassing, its gross, and its somewhat informational. Learn how to avoid food poisoning by listening of my travel mishaps while living in Asia. It might save your vacation...or maybe even your life. Or at least, you won't find yourself in a "crappy" situation.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Roast Beef Sandwich
  • The Horrorshow 
  • The Deadly Seaweed
  • How to Avoid Food Poisoning while Traveling

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